Share the profit program - 

Here is how it works:

You send me a list (brand, model, item numbers) of items you are now buying and the prices you are paying (don't forget tax and shipping - if any).  I will compare what you are currently buying with my wholesale prices.  I will take the difference between what you are currently paying and my wholesale cost and divide it by 2.  You will then keep 1/2 and I take 1/2.  I will take my wholesale cost and add my 1/2 of the profit to the cost.  That will be your final price.  It would be 1/2 of the profit less than what you are paying now.


You are buying an item for $100

My wholesale cost is $50

I take 1/2 of the $50 as my profit

You will now buy the item from me for $75 instead of the $100 you were paying somewhere else.  Hope that makes sense.  It's a win win venture.

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Share the Profit is a simple concept.  You deduct Bowe's wholesale cost away from the current prices you are paying at your current vendor.  You divide the profit by 2.  Here is where the "Share" comes in:  You keep half the profit and Bowe's get to keep the other half.  Simple as that.  Email us for a worksheet form you may use to figure out your savings.

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